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About the Saint Bernard Breed

Breed Group: Working
Weight: 120-200 lbs
Height: male: 27.5, female: 25 inches
Color(s): white with red, red or brindle with white; white must appear on chest, feet, tail tip, noseband, and collar (or spot on nape); may have dark mask
Coat: Can be long- or short-haired. Colors are red with white or white with red, or white with streaked patches. The legs, chest, and tip of the tail must all be white. There must be a white blaze and white neck patch or collar.
Overview: For hundreds of years, Saint Bernards have been renowned for their bravery in rescue work, saving thousands of lives in the treacherous mountains of the Alps between Switzerland and Italy. At the same time, Saint Bernards have been just as well known for their big, loving personalities.
Character: The St. Bernard is very friendly, good-natured, and excellent with children. It will defend you and your possessions and is intensely loyal.
Temperament: Children, other dogs, and household pets are all friends to the St. Bernard.
Care: Regular grooming with a brush and comb is required. The ears must be kept clean and eyes checked regularly.
Training: Because they grow to such large size, young St. Bernards need to be taught not to pull on the leash. They must not be pushed too hard and require considerable understanding.
Activity: A St. Bernard only needs an average amount of exercise. Three short walks a day will keep it happy. Occasionally it will appreciate a longer walk with a chance to run free.
For more information on the breed, you can contact the SAINT BERNARD CLUB OF AMERICA

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